UP Polytechnic Previous Year Papers PDF in Hindi & English with Answers

UP Polytechnic Previous Year Papers

Student if you have applied for UP Polytechnic admission notification, then you are required to download previous year
question papers of UP Polytechnic from here for preparation good. We are telling that UP Polytechnic previous year question papers will very helpful for preparation of joint entrance examination council Uttar Pradesh so you are required to check it once. Every year lots of students wrote in JEECUP exam to take admission in UP Polytechnic course. Previous year question papers of UP Polytechnic helps in so many ways to get better marks in this entrance examination. So, if you are preparing for examination of JEECUP then you must prepare through previous year papers of UP Polytechnic in order to get a well knowledge of questions and for that you are required to get JEECUP question papers through official website that is www.jeecup.org.

Contenders are suggested to get UP Polytechnic Exam previous question papers and obtain an idea regarding JEECUP exam pattern, types of question, time management & other in order to score more in this entrance examination. Various students have applied for this admission form successfully. Capable candidates are required to well prepare to take admission in applied course of UP Polytechnic. So, start preparation for examination of JEECUP through JEECUP Syllabus and Exam Pattern. Pattern of joint entrance examination council Uttar Pradesh is available here for applied students so read this article completely.

Capable students may check the questions of the JEECUP previous year paper with Answers by which you may grab well knowledge regarding JEECUP exam. To get latest info about UP Polytechnic notice, candidates may check jobsalerthub site time to time without any tension.

www.jeecup.org Previous Year Question Paper Short Details

Name of the Board
Uttar Pradesh Board of Technical Education
Page Include Information about 
UP Polytechnic Previous Year Question Papers
Name Of the Exam
joint entrance examination council Uttar Pradesh (JEECUP)
Date of Exam 
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JEECUP Previous Year Papers Overview

UP Polytechnic Entrance Exam Previous Year Papers
Q- 1). If the ratio of the second and third term in the expansion of (a + b)2 is equal to the ratio of third and fourth term in the expansion of (a + b ) n+3 then the value of n is equal to :
a)    6
b)    4
c)    5
d)    3
Answer-) 3

Q- 2). The equation of line which is parallel to the straight line 3x + 4y – 7 = 0 and passing through (1,2) is :
a)    3x + 4y = 11
b)    3x+4y+11= 0
c)    4x-3y+2=0
d)    3x+4y+7=0
Answer-) 4x-3y+2=0

Q-3).  A dice is thrown then the probability that the sum of the number is 1 or 6 is:
a)    1/6
b)    1/3
c)    2/3
d)    3/4
Answer-) 1/3

Q-4). The sum of 20 terms of the series 1 + 4 + 7 + 10 +….is:
a)    290
b)    490
c)    590
d)    none of these
Answer-) 590

Q-5). Which is correct for inside charged sphere?
a)    E ≠ 0, V = 0
b)    E=0, V= 0
c)    E≠0, V≠0
d)    E=0, V = 0
Answer-) E=0, V = 0

Q-6). Function of a grid in a triode is :
a)    to increase plate voltage
b)    to decrease plate voltage
c)    reduce the effect of space charge
d)    None
Answer-) to increase plate voltage

Q-7). The wavelengths associated with photons and electron are same, the ratio of their momentum will be:
a)    1: 1
b)    2: 1
c)    1: 3
d)    3: 1
Answer-) 1: 1

Q-8). Of which the velocity is equal to light velocity:
a)    Cathode ray
b)    X-rays
c)    positive ray
d)    all
Answer-) X-rays

Q-9). If the pressure of a gas is doubled at constant temperature, then the velocity of Sound in the gas becomes:
a)    unchanged
b)    √2 times
c)    half
d)    double

Answer-) unchanged

Q-10). Which quantity doesn’t remains constant in simple harmonic motion:
a)    Time period
b)    velocity
c)    frequency
d)    amplitude
Answer-) B. velocity
UP Polytechnic Entrance Exam Pattern
UP Polytechnic Entrance Exam consist of Chemistry, Maths and Physics.
Entrance Exam paper will be in MCQ Multiple Choice Questions Type
Total No of Questions – 120
60 Questions
30 Questions
30 Questions

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